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This is the opportunity to give to the dishes the final point and offer a sensory experience to your guests. Install a mapping with petit chef in your restaurant and tell stories.


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Gourmet experience Art

Being a chef is an art. The cuisine and gastronomy express what one feels and desires. Emotions and feelings are present in each dish and each presentation. The mapping with petit chef is the best way to serve the food.


We know that cooking is a language through which you can express harmony, happiness, beauty, poetry, complexity, magic, humor, provocation, culture and even go around the world.



Increase your income

The mapping with petit chef provide a gourmet experience and will encourage the flow of diners and allow collaborating with other brands, increasing your income.




Be better than the competition.

Stop being one more and provide better experiences than the competition. Do not let the guest doubt your choice of restaurant. Give value to your restaurant. 3D video mapping is a point of differentiation.




Improve the service.

Improve the gourmet experience making more pleasant the waiting time, entertaining, giving play to the mapping with petit chef and offering a sensory experience, better than the current one.




Show your work.

Showing the kitchen will allow the diner to enjoy the art of cooking by the chef. Allow the diner to enjoy it before the first bite.




Expand your horizons.

In all processes we have to improve, innovate and look for new alternatives that make us grow as people and as professionals. Challenge your limits and take creativity out of your dishes.




Make the word spread.

The best advertising is a satisfied customer. Invest in quality of service and obtain benefits and new customers. The best investment is one that increases the quality of your service and makes you more popular.



We offer an audiovisual product like your dishes. Unique. Exclusive. Pure.

2D and 3D animation


The perfect symbiosis.

We create a close relationship between your gourmet kitchen and the 3d video mapping. A connection that will fascinate you. Every detail and every gesture will be represented.




Your kitchen, your audiovisual.

We express all the emotions that are in your dishes. We transmit your sentiments with an audiovisual. Conquer the diner through the palate and eyes.



Gastronomic sybaritism, combined with the chef’s magic, contributes to the gourmet experience. Your guests are willing to challenge your culinary experiences and get carried away.

Table Mapping Restaurants

Discover the table mapping facilities and explore the possibilities that the audiovisual medium offers. Challenge your skills and offer a unique experience.


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Resolveremos cualquier duda si usted es un comensal que quiere disfrutar la experiencia table mapping o si deseas instalar esta tecnología en tu restaurante.. 


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