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Table mapping is an experience of 3D Video Mapping that you can find in the best gourmet restaurants. It’s here this experience to feel it with the 5 senses. You will enjoy our food or our sensorial dinner with table mapping.



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Sensorial 3D Table Mapping

The visual pleasure and the pleasure of a gourmet dinner go hand in hand in our sensory table. Table mapping allows a petit chef to be the protagonist of a story that takes place in gourmet dishes through a 3D video mapping projection.


Table mapping

Technological and audiovisual innovation allows improving conventional proposals and offering higher quality services.



Get out of the comfort zone.

The innovation and modernization of conventional proposals brings a plus of quality to your gourmet restaurant. A business dinner or gourmet experience where a 3D video mapping is projected can bring value to the company and the restaurant, archieving a unique link between the chef and the gourmet.




Enter to the story.

The gastronomic travel which the petitchef leads us, allows  to taste the most intense flavours, the most paradisiacal aromas and challenge the most insipid palates. Petitchef creates a palpable atmosphere in each one of the dinners and allows them to enjoy a gourmet food of the first level. The gourmet experience with 3D video mapping increases the value of the restaurant. Add value to your dishes thanks to audiovisual innovation.


Company dinner

We adapt to all the possibilities and gourmet proposals. The visual pleasure is complemented by a quality personalized audiovisual.


2D and 3D animation



Creativity has no limits.


Through 2D and 3D animation a range of infinite possibilities opens up. We adapt and customize the animation for each project. Motion graphics like you’ve never seen them before.






The pleasure of listening.


We create an audiovisual as a whole. The sound enhances the animation with a musical composition made exclusively for the video. The sound effects move us into the audiovisual.




Be part of the story and be one of the protagonists. Live an experience that you can not escape from.


Table Mapping Restaurants


Discover the fixed facilities of table mapping to enjoy a unique gourmet experience or learn about the technical specifications of 3D video mapping to offer an exclusive culinary experience in your restaurant.

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